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    Navigating Expanded Mortgage Markets Just Got Easier!

    LoanNEX is the Expanded Mortgage Markets Expert

    LoanNEX provides dynamic discovery for all products that meet your borrower needs

    Eliminate common mistakes early in the process by understanding soft guidelines that can affect your eligibility

    Connect directly with Account Executives to collaborate on best options

    Less time, less friction, accurate answers, to ensure clean approvals and quick closings


    The LoanNEX Marketplace delivers:

    Smart Tools for Specialized Needs

    • Next generation PPE Specialized to serve the Expanded Market
      • Easy to access and navigate
      • Dynamic design for bi-directional collaboration and accuracy of results
      • Dynamic eligibility for refined results early in the discovery process
      • Soft guideline navigation tools to reduce errors
    • Powerful Collaboration Process
      • Locate the answers you need when you need them
      • Communicate inside the LoanNEX platform without having to email Account Executives
      • Reduce back-and-forth communication from other systems
      • Submit scenarios to many lenders to find the right answer with less errors

    Market Trends and Insights

    • Market Insight
      • Access market insights and trends
      • All product and programs available
    • Market Engagement
      • Access all products available in the marketplace
      • Connect with your lenders for faster answers
      • Differentiate yourself as an expert
    • LoanNEX has sophisticated pricing and eligibility tools that support all products, enable collaboration between Lender and Investor, streamline discovery, decisioning, and transacting all from a single platform.

    Grow Your Loan Volume And Profitability

    Broker and Lender Exchanging


    Select A Plan

    Choose the option that best fits your needs

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    Create An Account

    Setup and personalize your account

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    Register Your Team

    Add team members based on the number of seats you selected

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    Get Pricing!

    Easily discover pricing options for your clients

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    James Booe

    VP of Product and Integration Manager

    As VP Product and Integration Manager, James Booe leads our partner integration initiatives at LoanNEX. His experience aligning business objectives with customer needs provides LoanNEX with deeper expertise to deliver exceptional value to our clients.

    With over 8 years of experience at EllieMae, Inc./ICE Mortgage Technology, including 6 years as the Product Manager for EPPS, James’ experience brings LoanNEX valuable insights into our client’s needs.