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    LoanNEX’s marketplace solution connects residential mortgage originators with relevant mortgage options. The tools easily adapt from agency to non-agency options in a simple and straightforward process. Why should a busy loan officer need to know every possible loan option when technology can do that?

    The LoanNEX® platform is uniquely designed to match the profile of today’s borrowers, replacing the manual review of options with a decision engine that supports both credit and pricing requirements. We are the only B2B bi-directional platform that provides all the critical discovery, decisioning and loan delivery interfaces onto a single platform. LoanNEX is connecting resident mortgage market participants with a smart engine, collaborative and transactional services, client engagement tools and market intelligence.

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    Regardless of the role you play, the residential mortgage marketplace can get very complicated.

    LoanNEX is Your Link to Home Loan Success.

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    James Booe

    VP of Product and Integration Manager

    As VP Product and Integration Manager, James Booe leads our partner integration initiatives at LoanNEX. His experience aligning business objectives with customer needs provides LoanNEX with deeper expertise to deliver exceptional value to our clients.

    With over 8 years of experience at EllieMae, Inc./ICE Mortgage Technology, including 6 years as the Product Manager for EPPS, James’ experience brings LoanNEX valuable insights into our client’s needs.