LoanNEX Named 2023 Tech100 Mortgage Winners

    St. Louis, Missouri – March 1, 2023 – For more than a decade, HousingWire’s Tech100 program has identified and recognized the most innovative technology companies serving the mortgage and real estate industries.

    The 2023 Tech100 Mortgage winners are continuing to bring innovation to the mortgage process – from origination to closing, and servicing to secondary markets. Their groundbreaking technologies and visionary ideas are transforming the way we buy, sell and finance homes.

    LoanNEX is one of the leading innovators of pricing and decision-making technology. The company provides originators with the most comprehensive access to mortgage loan products. LoanNEX specializes in serving the unique needs of the non-agency market, utilizing its robust platform to simplify the discovery and decision-making for all borrower types. LoanNEX’s open API and LOS integrations further streamline the experience from originator to investor supporting discovery, secondary marketing and lock management.

    The company’s unique approach enables a nimble and configurable approach to the delivery of solutions across a broad range of program requirements. LoanNEX provides a robust and intuitive PPE solution making it easy for originators to navigate from rate and eligibility discovery to lock management, all on one platform. The LoanNEX services are easily integrated enabling originators, lenders and investors to access LoanNEX directly within their technology stack for a seamless workflow. LoanNEX has combined a dynamic product and pricing discovery engine on a single platform, creating the first PPE service dedicated to delivering a simplified way for originators to navigate the complexities of the non-agency market.

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    James Booe

    VP of Product and Integration Manager

    As VP Product and Integration Manager, James Booe leads our partner integration initiatives at LoanNEX. His experience aligning business objectives with customer needs provides LoanNEX with deeper expertise to deliver exceptional value to our clients.

    With over 8 years of experience at EllieMae, Inc./ICE Mortgage Technology, including 6 years as the Product Manager for EPPS, James’ experience brings LoanNEX valuable insights into our client’s needs.