Filling the Technology Gap of Today’s Legacy Solutions 

years, the mortgage industry predominately served the Agency Refinance market. As a result, technology and innovation in the market have concentrated on streamlining mass production of loans fitting these Agency programs. But 75% of new home purchasers are millennials and boomers whose needs are not served by Agency programs or today’s technologies.

The LoanNEX platform is uniquely designed to serve the needs of today’s originators, connecting the supply and demand of the mortgage loan market.

  • The only B2B bi-directional pricing and eligibility platform connecting mortgage originators and buyers streamlining collaboration and loan delivery
  • Currently deployed to 8 of the top 10 Non-Agency Aggregators
  • Supports the pricing and eligibility complexities of the Non-QM market replacing manual solutions
LoanNEX Qualifier™

Specialized Discovery Tool Focused on Expanded Attributes and Dynamic Intakes.

Enhanced Point of Sale Discovery for Alternative Mortgage Solutions.

Focused on the attributes that are often an after-thought, at the beginning of the discovery process.