Frequently Asked Questions

Does the LoanNEX platform allow me to communicate directly with my counterparty?

Yes, the platform is designed to support 2-way communication between originators and lenders.  Brokers can enter a loan scenario and share it directly with their AE, ask questions and even access instructions on how to register or lock a loan.

If I want to run different eligibility scenarios, but I’m not sure all the borrower’s information, do I have to wait to use LoanNEX?

No, you can use LoanNEX right away.  LoanNEX is a dynamic PPE that provides two pricing options.  First the Quick Price provides for quick product and pricing discovery before your have a full application.  Once a 3.2 file is available, or the application is progressing, just open the saved profile in LoanNEX and update the information and refresh the Quick Price or access the Qualified Price.

Will I still have to submit my information to several different lenders to find answers?

No, LoanNEX brings the discovery of relevant and viable options to you, aggregated in one place.  Access all available products and programs as well as credit guidelines all in the LoanNEX Qualifier.

Is there a quick way to qualify loan options, so we can see if we are even on the right path to discovering a workable option before we invest a lot of time?

Yes, LoanNEX provides tools to access options on a very preliminary with our Rate Search /Rate Finder/Quick Quote.  Alternatively, you can log into the LoanNEX Qualifier and enter a minimal amount of information to access relevant results.

How long do I have to wait to see search results once I have entered all my data?

Pricing results are delivered instantly.

As a Lender, I already have a access to a PPE. Why would we use LoanNEX?

The LoanNEX PPE can be your primary PPE or a supplemental PPE.  LoanNEX was designed to make navigating NQM easy.  As demand for non-agency products is growing, you need access to the right products but even more importantly you need the tools to navigate these products.  LoanNEX Qualifier brings you answers that you need to close these loans without having to manually search for them.  LoanNEX isn’t just a PPE, it is a discovery, decisioning and collaboration platform that makes even the complex easy.

What is collaboration on LoanNEX?

Collaboration tools on LoanNEX allow you to share a scenario directly with your approved counterparty, right to your assigned AE.  By sharing a scenario in a live pricing platform, you can quickly find a path to yes and get out of the circular email process.  Share, ask questions, update the scenario, and get real time feedback from your lender.

Can LoanNEX do an online demo for me and my team?

Yes, the best way to setup a demo is to fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

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