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LoanNEX makes discovery and decisions easy for all borrower types – including the more challenging Non-QM market. Inaccurate information costs borrowers, originators and their investors time and money, leading to a lot of friction in the process.

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Announcements from our Wholesale Partners

Having originated $3.9B of non-QM in 2021, Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions is continuing to help underserved borrowers who don’t fit Agency guidelines.  These borrowers include the self-employed, gig workers, property investors and those with recent credit events. With a fresh approach to today’s mortgage lending challenges, our innovative non-QM products include: Bank Statement, Investor Cash Flow, Platinum Jumbo, and Portfolio Select. With recent updates to GSE pricing, there is no better time to speak with Angel Oak.To get approved with Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions, please contact Steven Winokur.  For more information about Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions please visit


New for February: Introducing Select Prime Plus Express 
and Select Prime Express!

NP, Inc. TPO, a leading national lender specializing in Non-QM, is offering the use of Desktop Underwriter (DU) with Non-QM products.

DU credit decision can be used except for the housing history. Please contact Chris Penesso to learn more about our eligible products.


Luxury Mortgage’s Wholesale division provides 3 day in-house underwriting turn times, immediate responses to scenario questions and 24 hour bank statement reviews. We offer the industry’s most aggressive array of Non-QM programs including our Simple Access ® Bank Statement (to 90 LTV no MI) and Investor Cash Flow (DSCR) programs.

To seek more information contact Larry Maitlin or go to


As a leader in non-QM, ClearEdge Lending is at the cutting-edge of the lending experience.

We are Solution Oriented and Service Driven. As an end-investor since 2015, ClearEdge has an extensive and innovative portfolio of non-QM products as well as a diverse team of experts equipped with custom in-house technology.  When you want innovation, speed-to-close and streamlined documentation you will find it all at ClearEdge Lending.

For more information or to get approved with ClearEdge Lending, please visit


Fastest growing Non-QM and Jumbo lender in the nation, disrupting the industry with cutting-edge technology and concierge-level service. Redstone’s focus on tech provides brokers with a unique and seamless experience. Don’t miss our latest innovation, Sigma, a faster and more intuitive, mobile-friendly broker portal that aggregates all your tools into one platform.

To join the new way of Non-QM, please click here or contact Gia Liu.


First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation,  an emerging leader in Non-QM, has improved pricing AND turn times on Maverick Solutions™ products, again! Lower rates and 48 hour turn times mean you save time, and your client saves money. Whether your borrower is a first-time investor, experienced credit challenges, or has unique income documentation needs, we can expand your loan options while helping them reach their homeownership or refinancing goals.

As the market shifts, so do the needs of today’s borrowers. Do you have the knowledge and resources to meet those needs? From monthly webinars and trainings to applications that easily confirm eligibility, help calculate bank statements and DTI, and evaluate credit rating, FGMC has the tools you need to be successful.

Are you ready to take your Non-QM game to the next level with Maverick Solutions? Reach out to Tom Davis to start growing your business and gain access to our Partner Resources today!


Solve Mortgage has the Market Leading Investor (no stated income) DSCR > 0.75 Product starting at 4.125% @ Par with minimal adjustments for loans to $2.0M.  Interest Only is available with no adjustment up to 80% LTVs where the I.O. payment can be used for the DSCR calculation. For more information about Solve Mortgage, please click here or contact Blake Scheifele.


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