The LoanNEX® Platform expands your growth options by connecting your strategy with action.

Leverage Your Data to Achieve Growth

Utilize your own data to support, establish and defend business strategies giving you the perspective needed for growth. Our analysis tools reveal pricing and credit opportunities, allow you to monitor performance metrics by risk attributes and manage counterparty relationships. Through the platform, you can implement your strategy and track and defend your decisions in an integrated system that is complementary to your existing systems and processes.

Connecting Execution With Strategy

The LoanNEX® Exchange puts your strategy into action by connecting supply and demand in an open marketplace. The exchange is a connection point of select originators, lenders and investors looking to expand their out-of-the-box mortgage solutions internally or within an open marketplace. The LoanNEX® Exchange allows you to efficiently expand loan volume options and scale your existing loan origination processes.

Create your own internal marketplace by connecting your retail initiatives with your mortgage professionals on an integrated platform. The LoanNEX® platform provides a simple and efficient means for retail client advisors to communicate within our attribute-based platform. Give your advisors an efficient means to serve a broader spectrum of borrowers, from low to moderate income borrowers to wealth management clients looking for non-standard solutions.

Extend Your Platform