Loanexa® platform provides tools to assist your clients in determining and finding the right mortgage options for them.

Direct Access, More Options, Better Results

The Loanexa® platform gives Advisors visibility into current market options for your complex or non-traditional clients. The platform is connected to the LoanNEX® marketplace expanding the options available to your clients. With access to complete scenario analyses, you can test and screen options and set mortgage financing goals before entering the mortgage process. Having access to the LoanNEX® marketplace allows you to put those plans into action and proactively find the right mortgage solution for your client.

The Loanexa® Platform Delivers More Options for Advisors

Financial Advisors, Originators and Investors Come Together in a New Marketplace

Providing access to high quality loans, increasing visibility among all participants and simplifying mortgage origination processes results in a better experience from originator to borrower. The Loanexa® platform supplements your current process and gives you the tools to direct your client, investment or portfolio strategies.
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Connecting Your Clients With
The Right Mortgage Solution

  • Simple interface – Advisors collect pertinent, non identifiable client information to help initiate the mortgage origination process
  • Single entry – Borrower information is uploaded to the exchange once and is accessible to multiple lenders, increasing opportunities for your client
  • Expanded options – The exchange provides complex clients access to more products that fit their profile
  • Always-on marketplace – Your client’s opportunity can stay on the exchange until a suitable solution is found
  • Lead Generation – Clients can set refinance goals with their loan request and the Exchange will alert you when market terms meet those goals
  • Easy to integrate – The Loanexa® platform works with existing processes and doesn’t require complicated system integration


Deliver the Power of Selection to Your Clients

The Loanexa® platform was built to provide greater access to residential mortgage solutions for clients just like yours. The platform pairs your firm with a mortgage originator to provide direct access to the market delivering unfiltered options. Because all participants see the same information, you’ll present clients with the best option to fit their unique situations and restore their power of choice.
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Expand Loan Volume Options

The LoanNEX® platform opens up the marketplace to provide Investors and Originators direct access to in-demand, high quality loans. Your institution is paired with Financial Advisors who serve as a referral source, providing a broader supply of loan customers. LoanNEX® is the progressive disruption of the mortgage origination process.
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Gain Unprecedented Market Access

The LoanNEX® marketplace is an incremental channel for acquiring residential mortgages at origination. Providing direct access to high quality loans, an unfiltered market view and tools to drive your return on investment, the LoanNEX® platform supports a nimble and efficient approach to loan purchasing.
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